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Date & Location

September 20 - September 27, 2024

Goddess Garden Eco Resort, Playa Grande, Cahuita, Costa Rica

About the Event

Oasis Hoop Retreat has partnered with Deanne Love and Planet Janet to bring you a whole new retreat experience! Although this is an embodiment retreat and not a hoop-focused event, it is an experience that can fabulously enrich and enhance any flow based or creative outlets in your life. (But of course if you are a hooper or flow artist bring props for play time).

Unfurl: Awakening the Flow Body is a 7 day retreat taking place on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Join Deanne Love and Planet Janet in the tranquil jungle of Cahuita. Surrounded by dense nature, this beautiful space is intended to witness and nurture your growth and unfurling.

This is a unique and empowering retreat for people who are wanting to cultivate a deeper sense of confidence, safety and embodiment. 


This is an intentional space to slow down, tap in and come home to yourself. This retreat is for anybody looking for support to become more embodied and connected with themselves and others, to discover more authenticity, pleasure and clarity on their unique personal or professional paths. Do you want to turn towards your capacity to be seen and speak your truth without being performative or fawning? If the answer is yes, Unfurl welcomes you to rediscover your passion, confidence, and direction in a supportive and enriching environment. Wherever you are on this journey we welcome your whole self to join us and others in this Unfurling.

We are going to take care of all your needs from the time you touch down in Costa Rica, all you need is your airfare! ALL meals are included and consist of mostly Caribbean-style vegetarian food, sourced locally and organically to give you the highest level of nourishment. Of course coffee and tea will be available throughout the day.


Transportation shuttles will be set up to bring guests to and from San Jose.  Shuttles will also be bringing guests to all included activities. Included in your ticket is three optional adventures where we will explore the natural beauty of the Caribbean - a fertile space to truly explore pleasure and presence with and in nature


The stunning facility is walking distance from the beach but you will feel like you are deep in the jungles of Costa Rica; tranquility at its finest. All rooms are equipped with wifi, private bathrooms including showers, and a spacious porch. There are double, triple, and dorm style (4-6) rooms, perfect for sharing with friends or making new ones. *LIMITED PRIVATE ROOMS

 Relax pool side during the day soaking in the surrounding nature. The studios are an inviting, open spaces with large windows, bathed in jungle views all around.


Our team has planned healthy and local meals, transportation, and a full itinerary -- all you need is your airfare! 



  • 10 workshops

  • Intimate group size

  • Accommodations - including an airport hotel upon arrival September 20th

  • All Meals

  • Transportation to and from San Jose

  • Pool/Jacuzzi on site

  • Free Wifi

  • Sound Bath

  • Steps from the Beach

  • Nightly dance/share and connect in community

  • Excursions to explore the Caribbean

  • & MORE!

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Deanne Love, hoop teacher, movement activist, and flow facilitator, on a mission to ignite the transformative power of movement, she orchestrates a symphony of rhythm and self-discovery through her dynamic workshops and embodiment retreats. Deanne's journey began with the hula hoop, evolving into a profound exploration of movement as a medium for empowerment and connection.

In her workshops, Deanne seamlessly weaves together the art of hooping, movement, and mindfulness, creating a tapestry that transcends physical boundaries. Her teachings extend beyond the mere act of hooping; they embrace a holistic approach to well-being, encouraging participants to embody their authentic selves and explore the infinite possibilities within.

As a digital pioneer, Deanne Love has expanded her reach globally by offering online teacher trainings and hosting weekly live embodiment sessions. Through these virtual platforms, she cultivates an inclusive community of movers, providing accessible avenues for individuals worldwide to tap into the transformative potential of movement.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Deanne's work. She partners with fellow movement artists to curate immersive workshops and experiences designed to awaken the flow body. Together, they craft environments that invite participants to dive deep into the rich tapestry of movement expression, fostering a sense of belonging and unleashing the creative spirit within.

Deanne Love's legacy extends far beyond the confines of traditional teaching, as she continues to be a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to embrace the rhythm of life and discover the boundless potential within their own bodies.


The Breath Body:

Immerse yourself in the art of conscious breathing. Deepen your connection with breath and flow via the gateways that breathwork opens up. Uncover the transformative potential of conscious breathing for relaxation, stress reduction, and increased energy.


The Feeling Body:

Explore and understand the language of your emotions. Through guided introspection and expressive activities, you will connect with your emotional landscape. Learn to navigate and honour your feelings, fostering emotional intelligence and creating a harmonious relationship with your Feeling Body.


The Wisdom Body:

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner wisdom. Through contemplative embodiment practices and mindful reflection, tap into your innate wisdom. Gain insights into personal growth, decision-making, and the path to a more fulfilling and authentic life by attuning to the wisdom that resides within.


The Flow Body:

Dive into the fluidity of movement and the rhythm of life. Through a fusion of conscious dance and flow arts you will explore the concept of flow and how it can be integrated into daily living. Discover the joy of being in the present moment and cultivating a sense of ease and grace in navigating life's currents.

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Janet(She/They) is a Somatica® intimacy and relationship coach, somatic sexologist, and trauma-informed counsellor with over a decade of experience in supporting individuals through various helping fields. Passionate about helping others live integrated, joyful lives, Janet blends body-based mindfulness practices, essential relationship skill building, authentic connection, circus arts, creative expression and movement in her work. 

Her non-judgmental and intuitive approach helps people reclaim a sense of safety, agency, and pleasure in their bodies. Janet works with community and arts organizations as well as runs workshops for adults on embodiment and emotional empowerment. 

In private practice, Janet works with individuals and couples of all genders and sexualities to overcome challenges, explore growth, and pursue transformation.

As a lifelong learner, Janet stays connected to various modalities such as human sexuality, horticultural/nature therapy, trauma work, anti-oppression practices, and compassionate communication.

Janet was drawn to become a practitioner of Somatica® after her personal experience with the powerful integration of healing that body-based and mindfulness practices had in her own life, and continues to stay connected and support students as a small group leader for trainings with the Somatica® Institute. 

With a grounding presence and a creative playful spirit, Janet invites you to discover a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and others, leading toward a life filled with pleasure, connection, and aliveness.


Reclaiming Your Body:

A nervous system soothing embodiment journey to reclaim your body as your own through guided somatic experiences, to connect to its inherent wisdom and erotic energy. 

Embodied Boundaries: 

A guided journey exploring your needs/desires and identifying boundaries. Get a visceral sense of your boundaries and practice identifying and sharing them clearly and lovingly. 

Emotional Empowerment:

Take an embodied feelings journey, meet your limbic system, identify your protective tendencies and ‘resiliency basket’. Practice de-escalation and being more conscious and connected in emotionally triggered states.

An ethic of repair:

Learn essential relationship and intimacy skills that include emotional conversation skills and embodied steps to practice turning conflict or tension into authentic connection and closeness. 


Reclaiming full erotic self-expression: 

A disinhibiting and reconnecting journey to get more in touch with your body and arousal through guided somatic experiences, movement and sound.

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